Optional Video Player on HUD


When I’m doing things ingame, i enjoy to watch a video to help me pass time. However, its quite a pain to tab out each second to watch the video, then tab back in to play, or to use a video player ingame to watch a video. A video player for the HUD would be quite nice to have, just a small box in the top left/right corner that you can play any video on. Would make activities such as gambling and building more enjoyable to do.


You can watch videos on a second montitor I’m pretty sure, I usually watch videos on my iPad when I’m in the casino.


i would like this


This would be lovely, especially if you can sync it up to a particular media player.


You know this could be really cool if it was on a phone! but even if it’s not i think it is a great idea, nice work thinkin’ of it!


Holy shit, you’re a genius. We finally have a good reason for the uPhone to insist.

There’s actually a couple other things in that suggestion that could actually be really nice too (the Delivery feature could be a more immersive implantation of Tower Express, for example).


It’s certainly not the first time functional phones have been suggested. A portable video player would be interesting.


Uh…look one post above yours. Lol


I know. Was just commenting on how popular of an idea it seems to be on the forums. That’s why I included a few more links in the post. Sorry if it seems unnecessary. :sweat_smile: