Optional First-Person ZM

I really, REALLY want first-person Zombie Massacre. Don’t get me wrong, I love the top-down view and I can understand why they made that choice. But having the option to be in first person would be fantastic, whether it’s as a mutator, an option you have when you host the game or an option in your settings. It would be a lot like L4D and I think it’ll mean a lot when we finally get workshop condos in the game.
What are your thoughts?

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A first person Mutator would be a good idea really

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We’d have to rework a lot of the maps to be viewable in first person as they are designed to be viewed from top down only. Also all the weapons don’t have view models, so that would have to be made and animated. It’s a large task.

Optional third person (over the shoulder) would be a little more doable, but I think we’d just make a new game inspired by it at that point.


first person zombie horde shooter is like the biggest dream an individual could have in TU, like left 4 dead mixed with virus and solo-friendly

endless fun~



I would be fine with the aiming being like that of the original doom, only having left and right, not up or down.

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Like Mac said, it just kinda wouldn’t work. Top down games can’t just be made into FPS games, the maps would have to be complete redesigned (Mainly higher quality textures and models, dealing with a sky box or something similar), and the gameplay fully retooled.

Considering we have two other FPS titles in the works (Virus and SDNL), if anything a zombie mode might fit better as a mutator to one of those (Probably SDNL). On a sorta unrelated note, this kinda makes me think of crossover mutators, where rules or elements from one game world are applied to another, this would fit well into a mold like that.


The textures and objects look fine up close, as shown when zooming or in dev streams.

Nah, we already got Virus for a first person fix.

Virus isn’t a wave shooter, the games are very different

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Guess I’ll stop by and ramble again (I may or may not be procrastinating on important work). Even if the visuals of Zombie Massacre hold up in first person, that still leaves gameplay, and it’s so drastically different, I’d say it should be its own game/mutator for something else like Mac said. Implementing first person ZM would probably be a rough copy-paste of Virus’ code anyways, and even then comes with a lot of challenges for something the doesn’t… fit. First person ZM just isn’t ZM anymore.

This isn’t to say a first person wave shooter shouldn’t be added, but I would suggest it as a mutator for SDNL instead.

I don’t see why first person ZM should be an SDNL mutator and not a ZM mutator.


I get that Zombies are more related to ZM, but I think the whole first-person thing makes way more sense with something like SDNL. Upon further thought, perhaps Virus is a better fit because it’s inherently co-op already as opposed to SDNL’s PvP, and a problem with both is having maps that fit for wave based play in the same way ZM does.

My main points are: 1. Changing ZM to be first person is a task with a scale well beyond a mutator (See Mac’s response), and 2. Changing ZM to be first person fundamentally changes the gameplay and action to something totally different, that’s not really a mutator at that point. To me, that feels like making Kingdom a mutator for Little Crusaders (Though obviously that’s a more extreme example, you get the point).

I just don’t get why a version of ZM where the only difference is being first person rather than third should be a mutator of a mode that’s completely different to ZM besides having guns. It would still be ZM, just with different point of view.

I get that making ZM first person would take a lot of work, but I just don’t see how it could affect gameplay so much it would become a totally different mode. It would still be a wave based shooter where you pick up weapons and kill zombies.

Agree to disagree, I just see first person as a fundamental change. The idea of mutators feels like it should be a modification of a game, and becoming first person feels like a fundamental change, not a modification.

I’m not joining here about this being an SDNL or ZM mutator, but just in general I think first person ZM would require a heap of gameplay changes.

A top down zombie shooter is gonna be designed with full 360° movement and aiming. For it to be first person, I think the pace of the game would have to be completely different. Additionally, abilities like the survivor shield would be a bit trickier to control and move around in, so you might have to slow down movement speed or something.

While I think a first person horde-shooter would be dope, I think you’d need to make enough changes that it won’t simply be ZM from a different perspective.