Option to toggle inventory, not hold

A small thing, but I’d prefer to have the inventory button (Q by default) be toggleable as an option in the game controls as opposed to holding it.
It feels awkward and uncomfortable in some circumstances to hold the button, such as when moving items in the condo.
It’s a small thing but feels like it can be easily rectified.

If the toggle/hold option was available in the options, I’d appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Everyone vote this, NOW

i aggressively destroyed the vote button with a Roughneck ROU61624 Brick Hammer 680g/24oz Tubular Handle

You’ll be hearing from my lawyers over my newly broken finger.

This is an amazing idea!

It would also be really nice if you could hold right click to look around while you’re using the inventory, like how the camera in minigolf works.


I’d love if it weren’t in the pause menu either. I imagine that when you hold Q there would be a little toggle button with a lock icon that makes you not have to hold it down until you toggle it off again.

For now, if you open the inventory and hover your mouse over the search bar, it’ll lock the inventory in place - allowing you to no longer need to continue holding Q. Then you can close the inventory by clicking on the X.