Option to remove frames from walls

Like in edit look option

  1. you voted for your own suggestion
  2. what are you trying to say?

Umm, no…

you removed the vote as soon as you posted that
i saw that dude

I don’t even understand what the suggestion is…

  1. I don’t see what’s wrong with liking your own suggestion.
  2. What Spano said :stuck_out_tongue:

He sent his reply right as I was typing my reply.

it’s not wrong, it’s cheeky

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Frames form walls. I have no clue what this suggesting is about, no images that shows what you are trying to suggest, or text to describe it, please do a us a favour and be more detailed so we could understand what you are trying suggest and then we maybe understand better.

When I think frames, I think of the canvas frames which you can just make into normal canvases and I certain it isn’t what the suggestion is about.

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Don’t be angry that we didn’t understand at first.
I think the suggestion would be ok but really I think it’s all about how you position them to make them look nice.
This could be useful for some though I guess.
But as I said it’s all about the positioning.


Oh that was you meant, then why not try edit your first post and add that to the image too, I agree that I also have trouble with the frame on those WOOD PANELS as it doesn’t looks great when using them for walls, floors or what else of ideas others have to use them for, might be great if they had a setting like you have for the canvases to adjust the hight on the frames.

At the moment I try to avoid using the panels most as possible even thought they have the right texture and I dislike using canvases as it is a pain to work with too.