Option to Remove Frame from Transdimensional Painting

the transdimensional painting is an incredibly useful item, effectively allowing players to create real-time “cameras” that display a certain location. unfortunately, the large wooden frame around the actual painting creates a lot of issues for more creative applications (mirrors, live CCTV cameras, etc) if you wish to try to extend the painting by chaining multiple together, or if you try to put it on a TV of sorts the frame will consistently get in the way. i think being able to remove the frame (maybe with a variation slider like some other items?) would be extremely helpful for players that want to utilize the painting aspect

IMO, it should have similar options to the normal canvas, since even with the intended usage, framed paintings might not fit the aesthetic.

So you’d have the existing frame, but also the canvas print, cutout (what you’re suggesting), as well as overlay options like the screen option (if it’s viable).