Option to Hide Player Particles

If you’re suffering from performance issues, I feel like the option to not see all the fancy lights and effects someone has coated themselves in would help a little.

Tho honestly my biggest issue is that they really get in the way sometimes. I was watching a certain talk show the other night, and multiple people around me had many effects equipped and they were kinda blocking the view, and just being generally distracting. (For example, the Beauty Cone, Fish Friends and other items like the Survivor’s Shield, are very over the top)

To be clear, I don’t blame anyone for using these. I even use the Roses one myself, but I personally would prefer not to see them in some situations.
To me, it’s no different than hiding a disturbing or oversized playermodel.

Would be nice if there was an option like the arcade/casino’s player fade feature where you could hide all particle effects inside a given radius.