Option to enable Complete Silence

I hate listening to people use their mics. I just hate it. I know you can mute people individually, but I don’t want to go through the list and mute everyone. I also sometimes would like to avoid messages with hateful content (PTSD jokes anyone?) and don’t feel like keeping track of who I should chat-mute whenever that becomes a thing. Sometimes I just want to run around in the lobby and play games, and see other people but not have to communicate with them, and be able to open communication with specific people only. So in effect what I’m asking for here is a no-talking option. No mic, no chat, I have to choose to begin a one-on-one or group-chat conversation with individual people. This would be the ultimate solution to my problems.

Sometimes you just don’t want to be social, yaknow?


I agree to this, but only if an “Antisocial” hat is added above your head when it’s activated.

Nah, I get what you mean. I have two binds in CS:GO that’ll disable and enable voice-chat whenever a heated situation arises and I need quietness. It would be neat to see if such an option would be Tower Unite, or at least the ability to create such binds via console or something.

I honestly just mute the game entirely in my volume mixer.

I hope you’ll want to talk to me. :heart:

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LIke a mute all button? A mute all button would be cool… I’m pro mute all button. #MuteAll2k16


“I hate listening to people use their mics”

They’ve already said that this was a goal from the very beginning, to set up distance in voices and have a function to enable “complete silence.” They are working on a lot of things at the moment and I think this may not be a main priority to them over optimization and bug fixes. Don’t fret though, this should be coming!

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they will add an option to disable voicechat.

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Yeah, I figured a “mute all” feature would be incoming but I wasn’t sure about disabling chat, so I made the thread anyway. Thinking about it now, those things would probably be better as separate options instead of a unified “shut up” button.

Of course! I thought about that when I made the post, that some people would be alright so there should be a way to allow them through the mic/text chat embargo.