Option to Disable Collisions On Any Editable Surface

i’m not even sure if this is possible… but i would love to have the option to individually disable collisions for all condo surfaces that you can edit (ex: a wall in suite for example)

this would be huge for builders who want to add on to empty walls by doing things such as expanding them, adding a new room, or flat out “remove” them combined with the invisible texture

i’m not sure how everything works within unreal so i’m not sure if the collisions are even able to be dynamically disabled but if it’s possible to just add a toggle in the edit menu for collisions it would be a seriously incredible thing to have!!!

This would be so nice, I’ve made a ton of rooms in my default condo by making walls invisible and building inside of them, but since the walls have collisions you cant walk in them, even if you noclip in