Option to delete your topics

As the title says, i really want a option to delete your topics. I think it should be like deleting replys. It take 2 hours until its deleted. Even though i have suggested this before i really want this option.


I believe you mean locking threads? Threads don’t often get deleted. If it’s serious business, or things get really heated or out of hand, they usually just get hidden or moved to a place you can’t see them.

I’d be all for locking my own threads, because sometimes I make threads at like 2 am and realize the next morning how much of a mistake it was.


Delete or lock your own threads, we need one of those two options. I want a way to deal with topics I really regret making, still to this day.


Yep. I’ve had posts like those, but not because of conflict with other people or anything, it’s just stuff that I’ve since removed from my youtube or dropbox, and the links are dead.

Not going to happen sorry.

Okay thats fine