Option/Mutator To Go Back to Old Infection Mechanics

I saw a lot of people prefer how infection worked before in Virus (you just walk into people to infect). I think it would be nice if there was an option or mutator to go back to this, for people who like the old way better.

yes please, trying to duke nukem the infected is much harder with the new mechanics

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Please consider this or reverting back.

My long-winded plea

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I would like to see this coming out, please.

I agree, it was better before, but I don’t see why we couldn’t have both mechanics in play at the same time. Swipe and/or touch to infect.


Well we got what we wanted, but please make this a mutator instead, many people including me like the swipe system better, and with it being both didn’t help, what the point in swiping if you can just run into them instead and get a free kill?

Finally it’s back and not hidden behind a mutator, many other people including me prefer and have found the touch system better that the swipe, it would be unfair to take it away now after the giant outcry constantly up till now after it got removed, plus the touch system makes virus more fun to people and makes it require effort, thinking and skill to play rather than boring camping,
How about a mutator to instead just make the touch go away, and a mutator to make swipe go away, but in the main virus game just have both of them.
Hiding a more fun version of virus behind a mutator would just make me fed up of virus, since each time I want to play I have to turn on a mutator to actually make it fun. So I rather virus stay as it is now, but just have a mutator to remove the touch or swipe instead.


There should be friendly-fire mutator.


I’m fine with having swipe only be a mutator as well, like I said some people like me prefer having swipe only. So having it be a mutator would be perfectly fine.

I think intent in game design is important. By the very nature of mutators, there must be some “default” way to play. This way being the way that the developers intended the game to be played. Options are all well and good, but there should still be a core intended experience.

I’ve outlined my reasoning for the current infection system in another thread, but all-in-all I believe it is the intended game experience (Mac seems to have also implied this).

Virus is definitely a little off-kilter right now, but I think it’s the survivors’ guns that may need balancing, not the infection mechanic.