Opinion on Current State of Plaza Servers

I’d like to start off by saying I love Tower Unite. It’s going places faster than GMT could ever go in years and I appreciate the amount of work constantly put in by the devs. That being said, I personally feel like the plaza is devoid of a lot of the same community that was present in GMT. One of the main things being that many people instead of joining the plaza and playing minigames, they tend to start one for themselves from the main menu. While I love that feature, what are some of your opinions on the activity in the lobby right now? And a question to the developers, what is the goal in terms of the type of community you would like to see in Tower Unite? Are there any plans to incentivize more plaza activity?

i’m hoping fishing, arcade, and boardwalk games has more people join lobbies besides just to gamble


I can see the Arcade, laser tag, and the ocean expansion bringing more people to the plaza. The plaza also feels more empty in TU because everyones spread out over more plaza servers, whereas the GMT servers were always fairly active because there were only two of them.


They’re gonna be adding in a nifty feature that let’s people see players from other servers walking around the plaza. With that, you’ll see significantly more people roaming around, even though you can’t really play with them.


I can totally agree with that way of thinking. I remember everyone talking about how casino would bring back the lobby, and it totally did. Things like bowling and trivia helped a little bit, but it wasn’t as large-scale as the casino was. I’m really thinking over time some of those things would bring more people in slowly with the additions of more lobby games. Maybe it’s just my blind nostalgia looking to bring back the good ol’ days of waiting in front of the minigolf queue for the next game to start, and experiencing things like that will be mostly tied to the plaza-exclusive games.