Opentdb upgrades

First of all thank you so much for maintaining this free community resource, your time is valuable and your efforts are commendable.

I’ve recently been building out a trivia app in React Native using your database. This has mostly been a learning exercise however, along the way I had some ideas on how it could be expanded into a viable trivia game. Unfortunately, I found that the state of trivia databases is kind of non-existent. The few free offerings can’t be used reliably for production use and the much fewer paid options are ridiculously expensive for my budget at least.

What your team has built is currently the best offering paid or otherwise. However, I believe it needs some upgrades and I would like to share my thoughts, unsolicited but hopefully taken with a grain of salt.

The API could use an upgrade. It needs mechanisms for longer session management, the ability to mark questions as incorrect (incorrect answers go into a queue to be shown to volunteer community members, beta testers or the like, that each get shown the question and if the ratio of incorrect to correct scores over a certain percentage it gets moved to an inactive queue where you guys could still control content). Furthermore it could use more trivia types, image based trivia, video trivia, pub trivia, etc. A paid option for commercial use would be nice as well, something with dedicated resources but I’m not sure that’s something in your teams goals.

Basically what this boils down to is unleash the community you’ve built. Just from reading through a handful of threads on here, there’s a common theme, people want to contribute to enhance this project, we just need to be given the tools to do so. What you have is fairly unique in that it has fostered a large community of developers of all types and backgrounds around a free service. Put some of us to work. Perhaps, and this is just a thought, you release the code and allow some of us to work on it. I’m sure as a community we can muster up a leadership team with some experience that can guide a project to upgrade and enhance the service. I know I’d be on board.

Anyways, those are just the thoughts of one guy on the internet, take it for what it’s worth.