Open Trivia DB Update [May 13th, 2016]

Hey all.

Got some fresh new updates for you, fixed some issues.

  • API is WAY more reliable returning results
  • Added piece of documentation to detail using Session Tokens in API Calls
  • Link to your User Profile (Under Edit Unverified Questions)
  • Fixed User Search on Browse Panel
  • Fixed Search Box defaulting to Question after Searching for User

I still don’t have my email to log in ;-;

Have you done a password reset request? I changed how the system did emails, but you would need to send in a Password Reset request for it to send you another email.

The reset will also verify your account.

Can confirm. Just did that and it worked for me.

I did that and I still don’t have an email btw


Have you tried it again, I see you last attempted on the 15th of May.

Just did it again, I will check in a while