Open Trivia DB Update [May 11th, 2016]

Hey everyone!

We’ve made some updates and changes to how the Open Trivia DB works. Here’s a changelog:

  • User Profile (click on someone’s name on the browse menu)
  • Rejected Questions will now display a Rejection Reason
  • Notifications when questions are approved and rejected
  • Emails should now send correctly
  • Added counter on main page.
  • JSON API changed

With this update, we’ve changed how the email system works, and for those of you who had problems with emails in the past, please do a password reset and fingers crossed you should now receive your email.

Note: With this update, we have changed our policy about questions. Due to the general nature of how this database should function, we no longer accept questions about Pixeltail Games and Tower Unite directly. The reason for this is that the database is designed to be used by anybody for anything, and having a category specifically just for Pixeltail Related Questions, which are queried by the main API, wouldn’t really make much sense to a end user who knows nothing about Pixeltail other than the database.

API NOTE: For those using the JSON API, the way incorrect answers are delivered has been modified. The incorrect answers are now sent as a JSON Array instead of a JSON String, thus no longer requiring an additional step to convert the string into JSON.

If you had submitted a Pixeltail related question, it was removed and deleted. We still hope to see more questions from you, and hope you understand this new policy change.

If you have any questions about this update, feel free to ask below.

Hope you like it :wink:


I don’t know if it’s only me, but you can’t search for users anymore (no matter which you set to search by, it always searches the questions). Also, it would be nice to have a link to our profile under the user drop-down menu. Other than that, quite a nice update!

I’ll look into that issue, along a link for User Profiles.

Could there be a way to view your own profile?
I don’t think there is currently a way to do so.

On any approved question, you can click on the author name. It takes you to a basic profile; all it does is list the questions you’ve had approved and the questions that need to be verified and some other miscellaneous info. It’s nothing much, but it would still be nice to have easier access to.


As stated above, I’ll work on that. I can’t say when it’ll be out though.

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