Open Trivia DB Database Structure (Please)


I see that verifying questions for the Open Trivia DB is falling behind and there are over 3000 questions in the queue to be verified, including two (test questions) of mine.

Because of this long latency in getting our questions (related to computer science) verified (note, I am not complaining at all), I am going to create the same database on our server so we can write a lot of computer science questions and get them verified by our users at

I want to use the same format as the Open Trivia DB (and eventually we should send our DB dump to Open DB and you can merge if you wish). Of course, I could reverse engineer the JSON to get the basic structure, but that takes time, more time that simply getting the Open Trivia DB structure.

So, could the admins of Open Trivia DB post the DB table structure (or email to me) so I can create the same database structure for my server?

Thanks so much for helping me out.

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Please note, we are also discussing this topic here:

Forum Trivial Pursuit - New Computer Science and Mathematics Trivia for

… and will be documenting our database structure if we must reverse engineer the JSON to create our own version of the DB.

Again, we are not ‚Äúcomplaining‚ÄĚ in the least and understand the good folks at PixelTail are very busy and there is currently over 3000 questions in the trivia DB queue waiting to be validated; we just want to insure that if we create our own ‚Äúcomputer science‚ÄĚ related DB (so we can validate faster), that we can eventually dump this DB and merge it with the Open Trivial DB.

We want all our work in the future to be compatible with the Open Trivial DB.