Open Trivia DB API Data Format

To whosoever manages and maintains the open trivia DB API, the instructions in how to setup the api for use in an application seems to be missing some important information, namely in what format the data is retrieved and how to retrieve the data in different coding languages. For starters, as mainly a JS/Jquery and AJAX coder for now, I am having issues pulling data from the api because I do not know in what format the data is coming. That is, I am asking myself “is the data being retrieved in an Object? An array? What key names should i be trying to pull to get what I want?” Ultimately, I don’t know what format the data is coming in and how to traverse the data. Please advise as to how I am able to accomplish this or update your website promptly.

Best Regards

It outputs as JSON. You can read more here (click on API Documentation):