Open TDB being stagnated in verification?

as i can see the pending questions are more than the verified questions. :thinking:

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I don’t think PixelTail Games are currently putting their resources into verifying questions at the moment, but rather other game updates.


It would be nice if we could help out with verifying questions for Trivia – take some of the more trivial tasks off their shoulders. A small group hand selected by staff to check over pending questions to make sure they have the correct answer, won’t become irrelevant in the future, and meet other guidelines they set.


We approve pending questions in the order they are put in. Each time we have approved over hundreds of questions and hundreds more get added to pending. Approving questions requires us to research and verify each question one by one, something we have yet to deligate to others. We still approve questions weekly, it’s not stagnant.


Hence, why you should put together a community team to help you. The more people you have, the faster it would go. I know I’d definitely be willing to help

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Well, they would have to put some of their money towards hiring new members of the team to verify questions rather than put their money into other resources.


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I would totally be up for helping out verifying questions if ever need be.