Open a page on Steam?

Idea: Make Towers Unite a Store page on steam letting players see an exact date, pre-purchase and pre load?

This is happening in a couple months I believe.

I want to say end of January.

lol Iā€™m guessing you meant weeks, yeah?

I believe early access is slated for March or April, unless the page is launching ahead of that

Yeah, I think they get a page when Early Access happens.

Yep, They said end of January on Fridays stream.


Thanks for the info, I tried getting on the stream but CS:GO competitve :frowning:

The game has already been greenlit. So the davs can add a page whenever they are ready to

If you read the trello it says Jan 15th or Jan 16th depending where you are living in. And its for advertising and a presence of a steam page. Do research before you jump the gun.

Ok i did


Sorry @GhostaTheHidden

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Its all good @TheChic1721

@Cakemagic Mac yesterday acknowledged on the GMT Server advertising and steam page will start on Jan 15th.