Oops, i forgot the FAMOUS introduction!

Hello, i’m TheChic1721! (I’m not a girl! Because i didn’t knew “chick” meant “girl”… I’M FRENCH OK?)

Mhhh… just call me Léo! That’s my name! Right… so… Let’s start! :smile:

I’m from FRANCE (obviously :laughing:) , i’m 14 years old (a young man, i said young man) and i start playing GMT one year ago, i left the gamemode (dont hit me please!) and played others games & gamemode! But, i came back one day and i wanted to make me VIP because i got back in da game! :wink:

And, i saw, TU! I was like: “Wat is dis thing?!” and i saw the indiegogo too! Nvm, i backed 20$ and i ghost the forum since 3 weeks ago (i think?) and discuss on it or on HexChat with other people! :smile:

To put in a nutshell, i love TU and i hope the community too, i’m very excited to playing alphas, betas, early access, all game! :smiley:

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Welcome aboard! I swear I won’t make baguette jokes. :ship:

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I hope you’ll not! :japanese_ogre: Jk, I don’t really care about those jokes! :smiley: (sometimes, i love them soo :slight_smile: )

Welcome! :gift_heart:

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Thanks Sapphire! :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I just had to.

No problem :slight_smile: It’s great to see ppl talk french! :smiley:

Ooh I love french culture. The artwork, the music, the language, all so pretty

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Ohhh thanks you :smile:

Hey TheChic! Nice to see a lot more people as hyped as us when it comes to TU! Also as a side note, even though you don’t speak English natively, your grammar is a lot better than a lot of people on the Internet.

And, since you said you think it’s great when people speak French: Comment ça va? (took a semester of French and that is one of the things I remember XD.)

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Ah! Thanks! I’m glad to know that my grammer is correct! :smile:

If you knew what you said, it means “how are you?” in english (i think you knew it! :wink: ) -> Je vais bien merci et toi? (i’m good thanks and you?)

It’s nice to see another french person! How are you doing?

I’m fine thanks! It’s uncommun to see another specimen like me! :smile:

EDIT: oops i forgot: and you? :slight_smile:

Yeah I knew what I was saying :smiley: . I don’t know a lot of French, but I have taken 3 years of Spanish, so I know quite a bit more of that :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I took spanish too on my secondary external language (first is english sure! :slight_smile: )

I’m good, thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

Gonna take spanish class next year :stuck_out_tongue:.

Anyways, hello TheChic1721!

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It’s hard on the beggining! good luck!

Hello Radek! :smiley: / How are you?

Всё равно на много труднее русского языка. Правила окончаний на много труднее чем в финнскам. Значет я даже могу гордица што я хотябэ как небуть могу говорить по русский. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spanish itself I heard is easier than English at times, and English itself is a language which you hardly gotta learn.
Should I post the translation to my russian, or is google translate enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once a time Google translate makes it good! :slight_smile: