Ooohh, what about a Lighthouse

Just came to my mind, what if there was a lighthouse somewhere on the shore, with an actual spinning light lighting up the water and creating a nice effect. its only an idea


Oh! you’ve got a nice idea! I agree, can you please do it devs? :slight_smile:

I saw a post on the GMTower forums claiming that the betas and the first release of Lobby 2 had a lighthouse and a yacht passing by the shore in the distance. If this had to be taken out becausse it was too resource-heavy, it’d be awesome to add it back in Tower Unite!

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I like this idea, especially if you were able to enter the lighthouse and go to the top, it’d be a nice touch.

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If it doesn’t fit on the main shore, maybe somewhere on an island?


I like this idea, and I think it would be cool if you could also go to the top of it and get a nice view.

I don’t think it would fit on the mainland. Maybe on the biggest island.