One-sided scale for gizmo

Not sure if this was already mentioned before, but I was wondering if there could be a button to toggle the centered object scaling so that it can switch between one-sided scale and two-sided scaling of an object as it can get a bit tricky to have to reposition an object after rescaling it, especially with very tiny objects.

A lot of the times I would have an object with one of its side on a position that I’d want, but I usually end up having to fix the size of the object and it would mess up its alignment and I’d end up having to try to re-align it again, which can be a problem especially when dealing with small-sized objects.

I was just about to suggest this. I’ve wanted this for as long as I’ve played Tower Unite.
I spend 90% of the time in my Condo and this is my absolute dream request.

Let’s reignite this, maybe some others feel the same now! :crossed_fingers:t4: :four_leaf_clover: