On Workshop Player Models

Niihao, as title, I’ve got a few suggestions regarding the Workshop PMs that I really hope the developers could read and consider.

  1. Privacy Options:

Allowing privacy (regarding workshop pages and in-game use from menus) on player models would be good,
I know that fully private player models are impossible since the files are DL’d straight to clients and all that, but allowing them to be private on Workshop and unable to be used straight from a player in-game can be nice and a compromise, as some just really don’t want their models to be widely available on Workshop/straight from in-game or the like.

This won’t stop anyone from getting the files and all, but at least it will offer some basic privacy options.

  1. Allowing more expanded rigging options and custom bones:

This can be great for better custom player models, since the current system is well, sort of restricted and also unoptimal for some models that have dimension differences as they cause deformations etc.

as for the second thing, i do believe they are already working on expanding the workshop editors capabilities

Keep in mind custom bones is VERY difficult to do in this setting. Models must be able to work in Gameworlds and share hit boxes and animations.