OMG! My Name is not on the golden Bricks

My Name is not on the Golden Bricks (Plaze)

But i Backed first 20€ + 50€ on Indiegogo


My Name on the Brick:

Thank you :stars:

Sadly, if you didn’t go to an extra site after the indiegogo was over to sign in and accept your backer rewards, you won’t get them. Really sad for those that backed, but don’t check their emails much about such things. :pensive:

Pretty sure this was that site:

Also, pretty sure you had to donate like $75 (dunno what that is for your currency) for the brick.

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You are correct, the $75 tier “Difference Maker” was the minimum for a golden brick. If you backed a lower tier, your name will be on the Backer Plaque (which has not been made yet).


I think the OP is from a different country than America.