Old Gamemode

Will we ever see a day where old age is put into the tower? I assume the old age that was on display was the same one that maw created… i think it’d be pretty cool to have the equivalent thing, MMORPG with small server sizes in player amount and being able to party up to kill a boss and get special spells from the drops and armor weaponry, it was just an awesome gamemode It would be cool to see again, personally i wouldn’t care to see it have anything Units related to the tower , there’s no need for it really or good way to put it in other then like you get units for how much experience you get whilst playing.

So basically you want an entirely different game that has nothing to do with Tower.


Old Age was an RPG medieval gamemode in Gmod made by The Maw that was, albeit a long time ago, originally going to be present in the Gmt Game World circulation. From what I recall, The Maw simply got impatient and left before coding compatibilities between the two gamemodes could be made.

Here’s the official Facepunch thread on the Old Age gamemode.
The last page contains some neat facts that I noted above.

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Then I think it’s good it never was. Does it sounds like a super cool mod for Gmod? Absolutely, reminds me of Runescape a bit. But it has nothing to do with tower at all, and I can’t even imagine how it would even FIT IN with Tower Unite. All the game modes have the same “general rule”, they are all time based. I don’t see how a Medieval RPG Game mode would fit under that “general rule”. Hence my comment above. It would be the equivalent of taking two drastically different games and simply using one (Tower Unite) as a portal to the other one (Old Age).

The argument that “Nothing to do with gmod tower at all” is the same as Ball race gameplay has nothing to do with the tower at all or any of the game’worlds’ for that matter, only the fact you get currency and the possiblity of achieves which could easily be implemented into this aswell.

I’d argue against that point actually. The game modes all have a sense of cohesion. They all function the same way. They all have rounds. They all have time limits. They all have power-ups. They all function the same in the end. Your idea for some MMORPG like Gamemode doesn’t work that way. Sure, if you wanted to make something like Raiding a Boss In WOW or something like that, I’d understand. But using the “Old Age” as your example is a bad choice and doesn’t FIT with how any of the other Gamemodes work.


That’s… not a bad idea.

Give all the players weapons and they have to wipe out a procedurally generated dungeon filled with NPCs…
That sounds like a fun cooperative gamemode.


Now you’re going onto a style of Diablo atleast the randomness in it. I was thinking about it and maby like you have 2 types of levels 1 Fresh start levels being when you join a game you start at level 1 and then you have your persistant level which is overall, your exp gained from that game will go into your persistant level which can give you bonuses of some sort during the game and then the freshstart level can let you use better items as you go through the dungeon , you get from mob drops or something like that. [Maby some kind of legendary items could be persistant aswell but extremely low drop rate]

Time limit to complete a pre-made dungeon with randomly picked monsters and one of a selection of bosses.
It’s not hard to fit stuff other a round based, timed rule.

I really think it would be more fun if you could have persistant items, like a hack n slash timed dungeon crawler? the real objective is if you finish the dungeon(s) within a certain time you get bonuses in units , maby even like … a dungeon per person and do it that way to “calculate” first second third

Eh, the persistent items (which I’m assuming means "items that can be carried over between multiple games of [insert gamemode title here]) would probably just make it too difficult for newcomers; having random item drops upon killing enemies that just instantly equip and are always more powerful than your current weapon might make the game fun. I think it would be preferable if everyone started with the same default items (perhaps use a class system to give a little initial variety). I think it would also be more fun if everyone was cooperating in the same dungeon (or if there were X amount of teams in their own copies of the dungeon). A time limit to complete the dungeon is a necessity.

I guess, in short, the gamemode would need to, in my mind, keep newcomers and veterans equal in power at the beginning of a round while implementing some form of teamwork under a timed setting. This seems like a rough idea of a gamemode, but some fleshing out of the systems and I feel like it has potential to be a fun, quick cooperative dungeon crawler.

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Yes, Persistant Anything is a variable saved over restarts, game changes ect, Personally i think if you were to get an item that was better then current in that slot it would be boring since you know for sure you’re getting a better item rather then it being drowned in dopemine making you happy because you get an item tons better and then it saves so you can re use this amazing item you get, maby even level groups so its like levels 1-10 , 11-20 , 21-30 ect and those players are grouped together so there’s not a large gap in a players power

The problem with groups, though, is that you never know who’s going to play. Since most gamemodes don’t service a lot of people (UCH of GMT currently holding the highest max, and even that doesn’t break 20), the chances of having groups of no more than one or two people is quite high. In my mind this gamemode would need to let go of persistent items and levels or else you will only split people into groups they don’t want to be split into.

I’ve always noticed that each gamemode does not give anyone an advantage (with the exception of PVP, but it is quite easy to buy all of those weapons) at the start of a round. To give certain players an advantage of any sort simply due to time spent in game would be beneficial only to certain people. This is one reason GMT gamemodes are fun; everyone has an equal chance to win, regardless of time spent playing.

I believe that making things fast-paced for this would be best, since time would be necessary in the objectives. As such, it would be best to minimize time wasted on easy things, which is why I think weapons would have to be unarguably better. If people were to spend time debating whether to accept the new item or leave it, they could be wasting valuable time. If the gamemode were designed to take a long time, however, and weapons weren’t dropped often I could easily see making weapons more random and less arguably better.

While it’s fun to see your character get better stats and better items over a period of time, that’s really what the Lobby already does. To try to implement this into what is essentially a minigame would, more than likely, not come off well with people. As I said before, I think this could be a fun gamemode; we just need to take into account what the TU gamemodes are designed for and what we need to change to make this happen.

They’d be balanced acording to if you had 10 people or 1 person in a group, so it was generally the same amount of time, and what do you mean the lobby already lets you get better stats and items? the only items that even have any benefit would be jetpacks other then that it’s all cosmetic either your self or your condo there’s really no such thing as "Better items’ in the context of that and 100% no “better stats” seeing as the most “stats” you even would have would be Units, and i don’t consider that a stat.

Indeed, that is exactly what the lobby does in stats and items; most of the items are cosmetic. However, it is always a good feeling to have saved up to get a particular item for your condo (e.g. the playable piano) and then finally obtain it. Likewise, the stats tend towards the achievements and milestones, and these follow the same pattern; it is a nice feeling to finally obtain a difficult milestone.

So, by your particular view of items and stats being useful towards some form of gameplay, the lobby does not fulfill this characteristic. My view, on the other hand, views these silly cosmetics, condo items, and achievements as the goal towards which everyone is striving for.

Let’s talk about the gamemode for a second. I am not opposed to the idea of gaining stats and items for it; I just believe that all stats/items should be reset at the end of a round (or at the end of a game) so as not to give power to people who play often. If, however, items dropped that were all about equal in power to the default items a newcomer would get, then I would be fine if players kept them. Stats would also be a fine thing to have in the gamemode; I just believe that they need to level up quickly within the round/game so as to keep the aspect of leveling up without needing to retain them across multiple games. If stats were kept across games, then there would be unbalance.

Speaking of balance, I don’t really understand how the balance system you suggested. Are you saying that everyone must do the dungeon on their own, or that only people of similar levels get grouped together in a dungeon? What do you mean by “so it was generally the same amount of time?” Do you mean that the size of the group determines how much time that group has to defeat a dungeon? If so, then what would the members of a ten-man group do while waiting for a one-man group to finish up? I still go by the idea of everyone partaking in the same dungeon at once, but that would only be possible if stats and items (that were significantly better than the defaults) were reset at the end of the round/game.

To summarize, I view the cosmetics and condo items as the “better items” and the achievements as the “better stats.” While stats and items within the gamemode would be fine, I believe that they should reset after each round or game with an exception for items if those items never became notably more powerful than the default ones. I also need clarification on your balance idea as I do not understand how it would work.

Again, I think this would be a fun gamemode; I just feel like some of the traditional RPG elements need to be changed or removed in order to preserve the equal playing field feel of TU’s other gamemodes and, by effect, keep people happy and willing to play.

Sorry for all these walls of text; I just feel like I need to explain what I want to say.

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The balance system, i was meaning the mobs would be more diffucult for the 10man group compared to the single man, but if the idea of the gamemode was everyone together it just adjusted diffculty to average levels or something there wouldn’t be imbalance since there’s no one to go against which would allow you to keep the gear, and if gear dropped and it was the same as some person that just joined you wouldn’t feel good about the item you got because it’s not better then that persons.
ps what you mean save up? just goto the casino for an hour and win a few jackpots BOOM rich.

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Ah, I see what you were trying to say now. The average mob difficulty would only ever work with groups; otherwise, newcomers would have a terrible time unable to slay anything while really high leveled people would find mob slaying much to easy.

As for gear needing to be better: I find that it makes you feel good to have better gear, yes, but ultimately isn’t fun within the game itself. This works in MMORPGs because, by nature, you are generally either on your own or grouped with similarly leveled people. We must remember that an MMORPG is not a gamemode, though; the biggest difference is that an MMORPG won’t kick you to a different game after thirty minutes. With a gamemode, we only have thirty minutes to invest before waiting for another round. Couple that with the fact that an MMORPG will generally have a very large variety of quest styles and options where our gamemode will only have one, and our gamemode might just end up feeling more like a grind game rather than a grand one.

Equality is one reason why I absolutely love most of TU’s gamemodes: it doesn’t matter if you starting playing ten seconds ago or are a ten year veteran of the game; every player has an equal chance of winning. There is no arbitrary upgrade system that only amounts to veterans having an absolute advantage with upgrades and experience; all that matters is who has the most skill (and, in some cases, luck). In a gamemode like this RPG styled one, most players will be vying for some form of first place. I’d rather not give people who have time to spend on it an advantage over those who just want a thirty minute hack and slash every now and again.

As for the casino, I have never hit the jackpot. Perhaps its because I don’t spend a lot of time there, but I’d be willing to bet that most people won’t have the willpower to sit at a slot and click for an hour. There’s so much else to do in the lobby! Besides, I doubt that an hour is enough to win multiple jackpots; I’d like to see some statistics of jackpots won versus hours spent before I agree with anything like that. TU wasn’t designed to have this kind of “ultimate solution,” so I’d be surprised if it was a very viable way to earn Units.

Casino being viable in GMT, yes for me that is i’ve won over 600k in the casino jackpots alone shortest taking less then 5 minutes the longest 8 hours, why do you keep mentioning MMORPG now since we have all like slid over on this being 100% hack n slash dungeon crawler essentially diablo with rounds and what i ment was that the mob diffuculty if it was singlular would be changed per persons dungeon not all of them at one time.

I suppose I don’t understand exactly what you want out of this gamemode. Perhaps you could elaborate on exactly what you want to include in the game? I don’t want to be arguing against something if I don’t understand it (some of these could be brilliant ideas, after all, and I don’t want a misunderstanding to ruin that). I’ve been mentioning MMORPGs just to make some examples; I just find them similar in nature to Diablo style games. They are both, in the end, RPGs.

Sorry if I’m coming off as rude or angry (text doesn’t convey articulation well, does it?), I really mean only the best. I quite agree that this could be a very fun game. There’s just a few points I don’t agree with, and I’d like to make sure that I understand what you want so that, by the end of the day, we can all agree on what we think this game should be.

On what people me you and the others have stated here, instead of what i want specifically lets do everyone,

  • Hack n slash
  • Round based
  • permenant items(my personal want)
  • singular,group dungeons to balance how fast players finish dungeons?
  • not rpg just hack n slash dungeon round based crawler?