Oh my god



this is a new level of epic


its really epic that this has become a normal thing, before all of this, there was only like 1-2 hundred MAX


a new era of tower!


Remember, it’s still in the “big new update” phase. A lot of people are popping in to check out what’s new. I wouldn’t expect this to be the norm, though hopefully the overall player count does remain higher than previously after the update hype settles down.


it’s nice to see so many new people


It did drop down to about 300 just before 0.7, but once achievements are back up and working, I’m thinking we’ll see the number stay around 600-800, if not more. :slightly_smiling_face:



it sure is doing well.


I’m so chuffed with all these people playing, since many of us here played for years now with a small regular community and now it’s flourishing with activity, it’s really satisfying.