Officially "Debunking" the Creepy Easter Egg once and for all

I felt like this should be made considering I have not stopped getting messages on Discord and Steam regarding the video, as well as numerous duplicate posts made on different platforms about it. Plenty of people have came forward to inform others that it is/was in-fact 100% faked, but I’m still seeing a couple of posts asking things like “Why would PixelTail make this”, “The devs thought it was ill-fitting with the rest of the game so it was canned” etc…

The video in question is of course the one below;

First of all, none of the rest of the development team at PixelTail at the time had any hand in making this video, there was no involvement from anyone else, I did this quietly and put it on an alt channel I had on YouTube just to see if anyone would find it, I was planning The Streamer at the time, the cancelled GMTower event and thought it would be nice to get some buzz going around about it

I was a moderator on GMTower and would occasionally set up events and such to mix things up for players. I maybe overstepped the mark doing something like this but I didn’t think for a minute it would blow up several years after the closure of the gamemode.

As for the video itself; none of the “egg” you see in the video ever existed, it was all just video tricks and footage of myself in a singleplayer game merged with footage of playing around with admin commands in the Lobby 2 server. I’d occasionally also log on to the server and put the board in the video’s location once I noticed people started talking about the video.

Lastly, I want to just say thank you for the nice comments I’ve gotten, if you were creeped out, then I’m glad to know the video did it’s job! I made this as a teenager, so it’s good to know not all of my videos from that period of time were terrible.

Additionally I think a huge apology is in order to the folks in the dev team if they’ve been harassed or bombarded by questions at any point about this.

If you see anyone questioning the validity of this video on any kind of social platform, please feel free to fire the link of this post over to them!


i think the topic was brought back to attention mostly because of this video back in the day i was cunfused about this video as well so im glad to see this can be put to rest

(i can’t figure out how to put the youtube player into the message)

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All in all it turned out to be great marketing that inspired intrigue in the long run. Well done.

Singleplayer game? Am I the only one that wants to know what game that was?

It was probably just GMod in sandbox mode.

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