Official SEA Thailand

We want the server to support Thailand in order to reduce delays. Because this game is gaining popularity with gamers in Thailand. And it has increased steadily.

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They’ll most likely be adding more servers in different regions sooner or later.

Don’t quote me, though.

We’ll probably get another asian server in Japan or Thailand sometime. But I know nothing.

I agreed, hoping to open the Thai server soon. Thank you.

We already have two servers in Southeast Asia based in Singapore for users in that region. For Thailand players, the servers in Singapore will provide the best connectivity.

Server in Singapore is very good. But at night Servers are always full, Hopefully the developer will add servers based on number of players in the region. Thank you.

I got myself and 4 friends to start a couple of Virus games after midnight today and Thai players filled the rest of the slots both games. It’s no joke.

We have added a third Singapore server. These will appear with Pixeltail Official tags in the next update, but are already online and joinable now.