Official Canadian Server

I played on the US server with more people and I enjoyed it

But I wish to see a Canadian server of TU, both Western and Eastern*

*: French Canadian?

We don’t have any plans for a server based in Canada, as the United States server are in close proximity.


While I’d like a Canadian server too, I usually get low enough ping on Chicago servers, so I don’t see much need.

I’m sorry

Is there a server region limit? (US West/East, Europe, Middle East, Asia, World)

Sadly, there’s a server region limit


Like Caboose said, there are a lot of servers in proximity. The Seattle, Chicago, and New York servers actually do pretty well to cover most of the Canadian playerbase.

I reply to Gurmble for asking there were not planning to make both western & eastern Canadian servers

I’m sorry.

the Seattle server was nuked in place of San Francisco

rip Seattle

Chicago servers are long gone, sadly :cry:. I live just 2.5hrs away in central IL and my ping was amazing on it.

Ah. Well uhhh darn. I haven’t played much recently, so I never noticed. New York it is then!

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Same. Whoops.