Offer a drink to other players in the nightclub

This is the loneliest suggestion I’ve ever made in this forum so far but hear me out

An interesting social interaction I thought of while hanging in the nightclub was being able to offer drinks to other players or even buy everyone a round of drinks!

Here’s how I think it could work:

  • Next to the “Order & serve” button there’s a “offer to someone” button
  • Once clicked and chosen the player inside the same nightclub/server to offer the drink to, the player receives a notification similar to the minigames starting which says “Player Name is offering you a Drink Name. Do you accept?”
  • If accepted, it teleports you to the bar where you can have the offered drink
  • The same can happen to all players if someone offers everyone a round

I feel like it would deepen the bartender mechanic more than just being a drink dispenser. What do you think?

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Why not just be able to click on someone while holding a drink

I agree I was a little disappointed this wasn’t the case with the “order and serve” feature. I wanted to see my drinks on the bar at least, you know? So, I approve this concept.

Though, I think it would be less disruptive to simply place a holdable version of the drink you bought in their hands rather than teleport them. I don’t see a problem with it replacing most holdable items (crossbow, spooky gun, throwable easter eggs, etc) as these aren’t too important in the nightclub of all places, though some things like equipped vehicles and the stealth box should prevent this.