Of player models, official servers, and the workshop

I tried looking around the section here but couldn’t find any solid information.

How will official servers handle player models from the workshop. Will just any one be allowed? Will only approved ones be chosen to be added to the game similar to workshop items? Will workshop playermodels just not be allowed on official servers, thus making them completely (and sadly) useless to people like me who are only interested in playing on official servers for the most part?

I’m pretty sure they said that official servers wouldn’t have custom content, only unofficial servers :confused:


I don’t think there’s anything set in stone yet (not that I can remember, anyways). Personally, I’d like to see playermodels be a clientside thing, wherein if you have a custom model you see it as well as anyone else with the same model. This would, however, mean that others who do not have the model will not see it (they’d probably see a default one instead). Perhaps there could even be an option to automatically download the workshop items that other people are using, if you don’t mind the possibility of explicit add-ons. That’s just what I’d like to see; there’s no correlation between it and what will actually be happening.


This part:
What is the difference between ranked and unranked servers?

Steam Inventory support: Yes
Player data is stored: On Steam Inventory, available across all Ranked servers
VAC: Required
Items earned are tagged as: Genuine

You can mod it and add custom items
Steam Inventory support: No
Player data is stored: On unranked server’s file system, not available on other servers
VAC: Optional
Items earned are tagged as: Non-genuine
Both ranked and unranked will allow players to earn currency.

However, keep in mind this:

Your Condo…

can have both ranked and unranked items. Players will know the difference based on the items’ genuine status.
is completely separate from ranked and unranked servers and will be part of your Steam account no matter what Lobby you join.

My part:
I’d assume that custom player models would be like it says for unranked items, they’ll only be in that specific lobby, and maybe work in your own condo as well.

I can agree with that. I pictured something similar to how the toybox worked in Gmod but… More stable.

Too bad it isn’t as easy as it was in older games when models would just download on the next map change if you didn’t have it.

me want
i wish there was a system where addon owners could have their addons checked and to have these approved for ranked servers, like little appearance changing mods or special plaza maps, while still being, you know, functional.

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I always thought this was a great idea, making it clientside but of course making it have restrictions.

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I’d Like this idea. Currently the workshop looks like it is going to be mostly useless for anyone like me, who is going to stay on the official servers. A way for player models to be approved, would be wonderful. I know there will eventually be a method put in to do this with furniture but player models have not really been brought up a lot…

I suppose this would bring up the issue of copy-rights though… I mean community content isn’t held as responsible when we make this stuff, but it gets blurry when you have to start approving stuff…

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After what everyone else has said here, I personally think the team will add some custom content from the community depending how good it is, maybe change it a bit. But I’m sure if they think it will benefit the game, and it’s already made for them, they should just add it ;p

You can’t just do that without the creator’s permission, mind you. Especially if it’s all original content.

Yeah, they would have to ask but I’m sure if it’s work they don’t have to do and they like it they might add something ;p

I suppose in the best of worlds any player model from the workshop would be allowed, but there would be monitoring and removal of inappropriate models from the workshop.

Which is also covered in general Workshop rules and guidelines.

Well, there’s guidelines for the Garry’s mod workshop too, but they don’t very well enforce them from what I’ve seen. Something like this would have to be well kept up on. There’s a few… sensitive types around…

For example?


I don’t think it’s breaking any of these.

Since I can’t find any of the other addon I used to use as proof I will admit to being wrong. Though I did notice one rule I see broken all the time. No multi-part addons. Guess they gave up with enforcing that one.

Either way, I do hope Pixel-tail would take a bit more hard stanceand remove of models of bad taste to the ideology of the devs, ala sex toys, hitler, etc…