Obtaining trash from the Treasure From Sea event

I find it takes a lot of time to fish up trash items, and I wish there were other methods to obtain them. One idea I have is to make trash an uncommon reward from the Treasure From Sea event. Another little dumber idea, is to have a catsack-like item that contains various amounts of all kinds of junk…

I prefer the idea of the catsack one, can be like a rob’s import trashbag that can be opened to obtain 4-5 pieces of trash!


Treasure from sea is a really good unit acquiring minigame, idk how a lot of people would feel if the profit was reduces due to the loot table being filled with literal trash.

Most of the time you’ll find quarters and unit piles that only sell for 25/50 units each. Trash items sell for atleast 150 units each. Therefore, you could consider quarters and unit piles as trash too.

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I like the idea of a Trash Cat (raccoon?) Sack, even more so if those got dug up too in Treasure from the Sea events.
While we’re at it, a dumpster diving lobby mini game or event might be a good alternative to mix things up.
I get a little tired of running around the same beaches over and over and it would be nice to just casually dumpster dive for a Trash Cat Sack or Raccoon plushie when an event appears if say we’re near a recycle bin or magically appearing dumpster bin when the event starts.
So yes, more this plus trash events please.


Yet another idea:

Add a new shady looking NPC who lurks behind the trash bins in the alley between the laser tag and bowling alley. They could sell all kinds of junk from literal trash to, uh, gun props. :blush: