Obtaining Catsacks by Playing Gameworlds/Minigames


I feel like there is a missed opportunity to obtain catsacks by participating in Plaza Minigames or any type of gamemodes, but especially the plaza minigames. Most of the gamemodes don’t feel really rewarding, fun and/or are obsolete when it comes to gaining units specificaly.

The way it would work is, you have a >5% chance to get a silver catsack by playing with more than 2 people on an activity. Your chance would increase a little more, if you happen to be 3rd, 2nd or 1st when playing with more than 3 people.

To make plaza gamemodes more attractive, maybe increase the chance of obtaining one a little more.

This might have been already considered on some thread before, but I feel like making a thread like this because I wanna hear what the community would think about the idea.


this would give me a reason to play other games besides just bowling while watching youtube


Other awards besides units? I like that.


I find most of them fun, but I’m all for more rewards. I’m not sure catsacks would do the trick though. I’d rather have the payouts rebalanced/the XP system implemented.


I think the devs mentioned that there will be some newer catsacks made in the future.
Though, Milestones are also considered. Other than that, gaining themed furnitures from the gamemode could also do the trick.


The badge/milestone system will basically do this. We also planned to make catsacks themed for each game world based on badge progress.