[Obsolete] Custom GMT Content Pack

I mod a lot, it’s kind of a hobby of mine, I download tons of stuff and organize it for some of my favorite games. Why am I talking about this? Because I had a small mod collection for GMTower for awhile. And since GMTower is going to be shut down soon. I thought I’d release it publicly for people to enjoy before GMT is shut down for good.

This Pack Includes:

  • [Fix] Missing Fonts
  • [Fix] Missing Source Karts Port Texture Fix
  • [Fix] Missing Wind Ranger Texture Fix
  • [Skin] Custom GMod Tower Backgrounds
  • [Skin] Custom UCH Port Banner
  • [Skin] Improved Watermelon Texture
  • [Sound] Custom PVP Gun Sounds
  • [Sound] Custom Virus Songs
  • [Sound] Custom PVP Songs
  • [Sprite] High-Res Voice Icon
  • [Sprite] Invisible Powerup Effect

Every mod comes with a readme with installation instructions and credits to the creators. Note: Custom sounds may not work if you have the workshop version of PVP and Viruses content packs subscribed.

Update 4/9/2016

Now that GMTower is officially shut down, this custom content pack is no longer useful. I hope those who did use it enjoy it.


Good job

If anyone cares, or even plays GMT still for that matter, I updated this pack. Modified some things, and added new stuff. Enjoy.

And I thought I was the first to create a GMT custom pack on this forums.

I see you like Hotline Miami

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You know it.