Obscure/Underrated Games Thread

Pretty much what the title says; post games you like that you feel are fairly obscure and/or underrated, and give a basic summary if you’d like. Feel free to discuss but don’t post spoilers.

Starting off with mine:

Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-nou (DOS)
A point-and-click game from the person behind LSD: Dream Emulator. As you can expect (if you know about LSD), it’s weird and generally makes no sense, but it has a coherent plot and it’s actually pretty good. I’d recommend not looking up too much about it, since I find it best to play it with as little knowledge of the game as possible. (Protip: picking up items is done by doing left-click and right-click at the same time. I got stuck at the beginning because of that.)

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (3ds, Vita)
It’s the sequel of 999 for the DS, and though it draws from some parts of the first game, it’s wholly playable by itself. I’m too lazy to fully explain the game, but it’s half room-escape and half CYOA visual-novel and is, in whole, a great game. Great story, good puzzles, good characters, and a good UI for the genre (pretty much the entire “Flow” menu). The third game’s also coming out some time next year, which is nice.

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space station 13
You are a spaceman on station working together with 10-60 players, some of you are evil, 30+ jobs you can be, everything is interconnected, incredibly deep, open source, servers ranging from no RP to heavy serious RP
Also you can play as a corgi

Absolutely agreed. One of the best games of both consoles. And ZE3 is coming in Summer 2016. So hyped!

Tower Unite. Seriously. I got absolutely zero attention when I made a topic about it in a very popular and crowded forum, even after I bumped it on the Indiegogo campaign launch.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for DS
I loved this game, and I’m really surprised that many people in videogame forums don’t know of its existence. I know it was a poorly-distributed game, and it was hard to get one, but it’s absolutely worth it. It’s an original kind of point-and-click adventure in real time, with many cool mechanics such as time travel or ghost tricks (haha, get the joke there? No? Ok…). In addition, the storyline is simply amazing, and its ending manages to surprise everybody who plays it. An underrated, late masterpiece of this great handheld system


Skies of Arcadia Legends for gamecube
A turn-based JRPG where you’re an air pirate soaring the skies and trying to save the world of Arcadia from colossal monsters. You get to also hire your own crew for your own ship. What more can you want in a JRPG?

The World Ends With You
It’s a unique DS, iOS game set in Shibuya where you play a young guy shut off from the rest of the world. You’re suddenly thrust into this game where you are unable to contact anyone, and you have to complete various objectives in a “time limit” or you are erased from existence. You collect these badges which give you special powers and form a pact with various friends to defeat enemies called “noise”. It’s a brilliant game that many people should play.

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

It’s on Steam.

Basically, only get this with friends. You will all be piloting a spaceship in a Star Trek style world. Each person takes a station on the ship to do various tasks from maintaining energy levels to firing the weapons. If you can get a group of friends together in one room doing a mission together, it’s some of the most fun you’ll ever have.

Advent Rising
Just watch the trailer. Trust me. Actual gameplay is at 1:00 in.

I know this is a pretty substantial necro here, but I feel like this was the best thread for it.

One of my favorite underrated games is Dino Run. Some of you may know that it is one of the arcade machines in Gmod Tower, Others may even know about their unfortunate kickstarter campaign to create a sequel, similar to what happened to our community.

My main reason for posting about this is to alert Dino Run fans who may not be in the loop, as well as anyone else who is interested, that the creators of Dino Run are trying their hands at another crowdfunding campaign that, much like PixelTail’s, is better planned with the experience of past failure to draw from. From my experiences, the developers are more than trustworthy, being open and involved with their community, and I really feel that like PixelTail, they deserve a second chance. Sorry if I sound a bit advertisey, but I really want to help them out. Even something as simple at telling your friends would be awesome.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out


A rhythym game in which you point and click on circles and sliders to the beat of the song (see my profile for a gif of a VERY hard song.) very competitive but lesser known in the americas


Very much like terraria but in space with 99,999,999 stars with about 4 planets each orbiting them, has a community of about 70k players and is early access

Um, sir

I believe osu is far from obscure and is not underrated in the least.
I would suggest a game like glover, a game people have likely never heard of before.

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I just meant in North and south america, it’s more popular to the west.

You’re a mouse. They’re mice, too. Get the cheese.