Object Permanence toggle

Some time ago, a change was made so that certain objects disappear if you’re both far enough & looking away from them.

I assume this was a change made for optimization, and it’s completely sensible, but it’s come to affect me negatively.

Large scale workshop items are the most often hit. This kinda blows since giant items are good for radically changing the scene of map, especially outdoor environments.

I use that mountain model as an example a lot, but skyboxes are a good example too.

There are other jarring instances where this can occur, such as the Flowing Starfield.

Truthfully, this probably affects a very small portion of condos, but I think that will grow as they become more integrated to the rest of the game, like if hypothetical workshop Gameworld maps use the same building system.

I don’t know how technically feasible this, but it would be nice to just have a toggle on items, akin to collision, that keep integral scenery pieces from disappearing.

How deeply integrated is mesh occlusion in UE4, anyway?

Are all of these workshop models? It could be the render bounds on them.

Each frame rendered UE4 does mesh occlusion. It’s critical to it’s performance.

Right, of course, so a switch to disable occlusion on certain meshes cannot be easily implemented, I take it.

The mountain and space skybox are, the flowing startfield, obviously not. The behavior is pretty consistent across similar workshop models that are widely surrounding a center origin. I thought this was intended behavior because they used to not do that.

This spurred me to do some testing, and distance you can travel before the item starts culling seems to increase with the item’s scale. I think I can work around this by simply re-uploading the item to be smaller (w/ permission of course), and then using gizmos to scale it back up to “original” size. Would probably resolve most problems I’m having with specific workshop items.

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I can look into other possible solutions as well.