Nvidia Geforce NOw

Hello. The game looks like a lot of fun. It would be nice if it could be added to the cloud gaming service Nvidia Geforce Now. Thank you!

This has been suggested before. We’re unable to locate any official way to allow Geforce Now to enable Tower Unite for play, so we’re unable to really do anything about it at this time.


Found an old thread later on that said the same. Sorry that I took your time! Can’t wait till I can play and make some mods/workshops.

If I remember correctly TU was on it for a few days but sadly I wasn’t really aware of it back then. I thought that it might got removed by request of the devs, but I I know now that was not the case. I will be back in 3 month when I can replace my GPU! Ty and see you

I believe they blanket removed a bunch of stuff due the rediculus developer backlash. Hoping to see TU back there too.