Nvidia Geforce NOW?

For those who don’t know there is a new app/program from Nvidia where you can stream games to your phone, TV, PC, etc. They add as many games as they can until told otherwise but some developers have to come forward and get their game on the platform. I was wondering if any devs have looked into this because I would love to play Tower Unite on the go with my bad laptop!

Unless I’m missing something it’s up to Nvidia to decide what games to support on their GeForce Now platform.

Doing a quick search didn’t pull up any results for a way to tell Nvidia it’s alright to host the game, the only thing I was able to find was a massive forum thread of people asking for various games to be added.


Pretty sure this isn’t the case. Activision just recently had all their games pulled off Geforce Now because Nvidia was charging for the games without permission from Activision.

Edit: Wow. It doesn’t even stop there


Yeah it’s Nvidias choice if they want to add a game to GeForce now or not( with the game owners permission of course) but I think there is a way for game owners to consider their game to Nvidia.

I stream tower to my phone sometimes and bowl on the couch using the steam remote play.

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(with the game owners permission of course)

Although the game owner can take it down if they want to, as far as I know, the TU dev team (At least Caboose) weren’t aware it was ever on GeForce Now at all.

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