Notification for when the server restarts

Currently, when the servers restart, it can catch some players off guard, especially if they are in the middle of a minigame. In my case, it can even lead to the loss of some currency.

I believe players should be warned before the impending restart occurs, as it would make the sudden restart less confusing and frustrating for everyone, especially the newer players who have just joined and don’t know about the restart schedule.

The notification/warning could be a simple chat announcement or an in-game pop-up. It could even include a countdown and a sound cue to make it more noticeable.

Idk if it has stopped working, but was an alert that’d get posted in the chat along the lines of “This Plaza will restart for maintenance in X minutes” previously implemented.

AFAIK there is supposed to be a notification but I don’t remember if it ever worked and if it did, it may have not worked for that long.