Noticed something

my gmt can sometimes lag a lot, even though my pc can handle fallout 4 and gta V fine, but the thing i want to talk about is way more weird that that, its more like HOW it lags:
so always when i join the server, it doesn’t lag at all, it even runs really smooth.
but when i get out of the transit station i already start seeing a little bit of fps dropping.
when i play around for an hour or more the lag builds up to like roughly 20 fps dropped, i think this has something to do with something being spammed in the console or particles building up for some reason.

anyways, i wonder what makes me lag like that, its not bad lag because i can just play the game right but its just annoying sometimes.

and yes, i know Tower Unite is going to replace Gmod Tower but i’m just curious what’s causing the lag.

i just went into the game to test when it lags the most and it seems you guys were right about the whole “big open area’s lag players” because when i stand in the lobby area, condo lobby or in the area that connects the game ports to the lobby i start lagging, and all these area’s are big.

(the games lobby makes it so the game ports and the lobby are connected to eachother and when you stand between them you both load the plaza AND the game ports)

so i think the lag has to do with big area’s being rendered

Source isn’t good with outside areas.

It’s just Source being dated. I typically only get 30fps in outside areas of the Lobby map, with a GTX 970 and an i7.