Notice something about the Tower Unite logo?

What if the logo of Tower Unite means something, is there a secret we don’t know about? Tell me what YOU think! :smiley:

Well, I don’t see anything special, but 2 towers one next to the other. I’ve never been too good with this kind of things anyway, so there could be

It is extremly unlikely that there is something hidden between two towers and one regular building really.

The 3 buildings represent:

  • Your condo: “Your personality”
  • The Plaza: “Connecting with the community”
  • The Game Worlds: “Having fun”

It’s called Tower Unite as it unites everyone and thing together!

Also, it makes the shape of a U when viewed at the right angle.


Oh, now I see. Thanks for giving me the answer and also throwing in a screenshot. :smile:

So there are 3 buildings… See? I told ya I’ve never been good with logo interpretations x)

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I told ya, guys. Don’t say I didn’t!