Noise makers?

Now i guess you could say this is something ripped from team fortress 2

But how about we have some kind of buttons that play a little sound or some music when you play it? something similar to the retro guitar or DJ-Mix or heck, the non-playable piano maybe?

On one hand, I don’t want to hear a cacophony of sound spam, but, on the other, it would be a nice, little feature. Perhaps we could direct it to an audio file url (with length limits, of course), similar to how canvases work?

Exactly what i was thinking, i was thinking more condo-based, like canvases, but i guess they could also be activated in your inventory, and have a limit on how many times you can use it

Ehhh…I wouldn’t be surprised if someone finds a wav file of the FNAF scream.

I would rather see this becoming a thing around holidays (a la TF2) or just being slight jingles.


Wouldn’t mind for condo furniture that does this tho

It would be cool to have a boombox that was linked to Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, Youtube etc. And be able to either place it in your Condo or have it on your shoulder while walking around. But others will be aloud to mute it just by clicking on you.

the gmt hula dolls, like who hasn’t repeatedly pressed these one time

Noise makers? Maybe for special events or special days, but not as regular items. They could indeed lead to annoying sound spam, and there’s not much of a point in them (other than, well, spamming sounds).

That’s the point, also i did point out that they could be condo-based, like canvases, and not inventory based so you don’t walk around hearing people spam “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA” custom noise makers or something like that

It was a pain trying to get my own quote since apparently i’d have to abandon this just to get my own quote, the magic of editing…

I don’t think you have to leave the editor to do that…

Nah, you don’t. Weird.