NO STREAM for 8/22/2015


I suppose most of us will only get the emails during the weekend, if not after. It will probably still take a while for everyone to have the stuff on Steam. Still, let’s hope the game gets a bit more life now with the Steam Servers. :smile:


Wow, You guys made quick progress, Hope the alpha launch goes smoothly


It was a joke, my bad


So hyped! Now is there going to be a launcher of some sort that will have updates and that? Instead of having it being seperate downloads?


###Once we go live we’re gonna send out emails for this thing:

###From that access panel you’ll get your steam alpha keys
Ya just enter a CD key into steam and steam will download the latest build every time.

Mad props to @macdguy for the design this thing looks beautiful
Mad props to me for helping with the backend software. (Pats self on back)


gets developer copy of game


Zak senpai noticed me~ Don’t worry :slight_smile: i kinda figured it :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s one sexy panel. I should probably save my Acess Key in a better place.


Thank you for the answer! Can’t wait to play it with my friends and its an amazing feeling to be apart of such an amazing community :’)


The old keys we sent out won’t work, we’re sending out new access keys.


Oh. I thought the Acess Keys were the old ones. My bad. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Now we wait


That’s quite a fancy panel. Can’t wait!


Wonder, will this key we get come with the arcade api thing?


No. Ain’t on the card, ain’t in the alpha.


Ughh, I hope that isn’t an exact report of what’s to come. I really wanted a playable piano in this alpha build.


They had to go full focus on getting to steam, So it shouldn’t surprise anyone.


In addition to getting the alpha on steam, we’ve been pretty busy setting up our long term development plans and setting up the company itself. So we haven’t have a lot of time to shove a buncha cool new stuff in this particular alpha.

Don’t fret though, once we’ve settled in, we’re gonna be pushing updates out regularly on Steam. :smile:

We’ll be building road-maps on Trello to show what we have planned for upcoming alphas.


I’m gonna hold you to that :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously though, have you ever started a company?
We’ve been busting our chops on getting all the tax stuff figured out and doing all the registration stuff.

These past couple weeks have kept us busy in a very different way.

But we’re almost done setting up, and then we’re gonna work full time on getting cool stuff into Tower.