No points for watermelon

Hi, I thought I’d bring this up here but we no longer receive any points for collecting fruit in ball race. I thought you should know. It’s something many players really miss from Gmod tower.


I believe this is a known bug that should be worked out soon


This has been reported a lot. And the devs know of it…

It is not a bug, they have just disabled it for now as people were going into singleplayer ballrace and farming units from the melons.

They have been trying to work out how to work around this and will add it back when a solution is found


Well that’s fairly confusing because they already fixed that by not giving first, second and third in small games. Which is perfectly fine. I’ll need to see something official on that.

If the devs are reading this then a few words to you: Either remove the collectibles completely or add the points back. Why? The people who actually farm slowly and bog games down are just as likely to do it in an 8-person game as they are to go into single-player and farm there. And honestly, if the point is to keep people from farming in single-player then disable 1-3 person games. You did for the other games.

Although it’s more likely Zeeno is just honestly mistaken. No offense but the devs are doing nothing to stop single-player farming in this game otherwise, why would they disable fruit instead of just setting it to 4+ players like the solution that worked for oh, every other game where they didn’t want farming? It’s illogical.

Farming also isn’t even a problem in this game. If developers think this, which I doubt they do, they’re just wrong. The player having fun with 2-10 friends is automatically better off than the solo player farmer because they’re having more fun. And it’s fun for the solo farmer to make those points as well so no one loses.

And finally, Planet Panic is way more efficient for farming right now by a massive amount. People who want to do that can just go in with a friends only game and let one side win constantly. You’ll get an incredible amount of points by getting first in super-quick games. Even with the points added back for fruit it’d still just equal that game on average.

Alternatively, only enable fruit points for 3+ person games. It’s an incredibly simple and obvious solution that would instantly fix this.

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tbh i think they should still keep singleplayer ball race and just have the melons be like this

3 Melons :melon: =1-2 Units :money_with_wings:


I’d rather them keep it too honestly. But yeah, they can change the units if they’re worried about farming. I think everyone would be happy with that.

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Mac said about it a few days ago in discord. I would get a screenshot but that would take forever to scroll…

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Okay then well, Mac is, misguided? I suppose that would be the best way to put it. Friends-only sessions allow you to make whoever you want win over and over, to the tune of as many points as they want.

People are already hardcore farming points all day in friends-only and single-player lobbies. Until they remove those farming will always be something people do. And I doubt they want to remove those. I mean, I don’t want them to.

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Thank you for reporting this bug. I was able to reproduce this bug and I’ve added it to my list of reported bugs

Yea ball race is unplayable almost in servers with others right now, 300-1000+ pings make it very hard to play.

At least remove the places and keep melon payouts for single player ball race games.

Thank you. That is just fantastic.