No Plaque? (Gamer Tier Backer)

My name does not appear on a plaque in the Plaza, I wasted time going and reading them all just to figure out my name was not among them. Are they not all added yet, or was I overlooked somehow?

Everything from Supporter is included in the Gamer tier, correct?

The backer credit board seemingly hasn’t been added yet (Unless I missed it), I know a while back they started adding the gold bricks by the beach, which are different from this

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The ‘name in credits’ is for everyone who backed any tier, if that’s what you’re referring to.
The backer credits are in the pause menu.

The plaque hasn’t been added yet.

What are the bricks for?

The 75$ and up tiers. My name was in the bricks for this reason.

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Your name is in the credits, which is available in the settings menu.

Bricks were only for people who pledged $75 or more.


Thanks friend! Just a bit of confusion on my end. Sorry.

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