No model?

Everytime I upload my model into TU it doesn’t show up in the editor, there are no compiler errors and it seems to be finding all the bones just fine, what am I missing??

Edit: So I got the model in, buuut now animations aren’t working, he just T-Poses! (also should I post this as a new thread?)


Did you edit the armature before exporting or forget to attach an “Armature” modifier to the mesh?

I’m guessing there’s no trace of the model, including materials?

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There are materials, it says the model loaded in fine and gives me the number of Polys and vertexes, I dont remember editing the armature, but this was after 8 hours of straight working on it (mostly fixing the vertex groups of the model because the original creator did them very poorly)

Tonight after work I am gonna try rerigging it, so I’ll add any updates then

Hey sorry to bump ya, but I update the post with a new fun issue

What’s the Blender file look like? (Viewport + Modifiers should help me see most of it)

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due some unneeded jankiness of the model I have to move the certain things around, let me know if you see any discrepancies! This also was not re-rigged, the issue ended up the armature was set to essentially 0.01 scale… for some reason…

Try removing the duplicate Armature modifier that’s empty, that’s probably confusing TU

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Nope! Still just T-Posing

Does posing it in Blender have any effect?
If so, try removing the “.001” from the Armature’s rig name in the top right, the importing process can be very picky about the naming.

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The posing works in blender

but even without the .001 still just T-posing

uhhh… here’s a hail mary:
Try unparenting the mesh from the Armature (example of my hierarchy)
If this doesn’t work, try sending the file (I think uploading it to Discord and copying its link is the best way) because your setup is near identical to mine from the looks of things.

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completely borked

It can no longer find the armature and throws a compiler error

edit: here is Blender

Okay I’m going to have to examine the Blend file itself. I have no clue what the issue is, but I can compare it directly to my files.

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I can never remember what is needed for the .blend, will just the file work?

Just the file will work, textures can be packed in, but that’ll usually make the file above discord’s 8mb limit.

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here is a bitly link to a drive folder

(also god I love having a bitly account custom links are great)

This shouldn’t have been the source of the issue, but your armature was re-proportioned. TU doesn’t have support for that yet unfortunately.

Moving it to a fresh file with a fresh armature allowed it to import as a Headcrab Zombie

…and scaling the mesh to match mostly allowed it to work.
On character’s with cartoonish hands, it’s usually better to just pose the fingers and rig everything to the hand bone for exporting.


Also, here’s a secret that no one tells you:

the rig you’re supplied with is incorrect around the biceps, hence the jello elbow you see on many models.

You can avoid that by posing the armature in the opposite direction, applying it, and adding another armature modifier to replace it before exporting.

As a result of the proportions, the legs clip on the proper rig… so you’ll likely have to paint some more of the hips onto the thighs.

the zip file of the edits I showed
Here’s the file with all the changes I made. (I didn’t rerig the hips to the thighs).
Inside that file is also the Jello-Elbow workaround I showed. The armature still has the pose, so you can transfer it to any other ports you may do (or if you want to redo these fixes on your own)

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holy shit thank you!! You’re seriously amazing! If there is some way I can repay you let me know!

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just get the thing up and running. Each TU Rig is a learning experience, remembering these steps shaves off so much time and stress.

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