No context here



Ah yes, the new hit Casino game: “Exploding Boxes That Win For You.”


Im scared


zak get to work on the casino

wait this could be a casino thing


I think this is them testing the casino server side thing


Zak what did you DO


would this imply that slots explode after hitting the jackpot? :scream:


Love the name of the file “WUT”


I wonder what FoohyWoo_Cue looks like?


It’s a number guessing game where it’ll tell you if you’re guess was too high or too low and the box will fly up and explode upon getting the correct number. It’s hooked up to a random number generator from 1 to 100 so it’ll keep guessing random numbers until it gets the number right :slight_smile:

so what do i win?

EDIT: Probably nothing considering I’m 22 days late (I read it as 22h not 22d)