Nightmare House 2 : How I bashed an Easter Egg.(story)

May feature Nightmare House 2 spoilers, you have been warned.

If you are like me, you are a fan of horror, meaning no doubt you have revisited a remade classic named Nightmare House 2.

Today I have spent a good hour returning to Never Lose Hope Hospital to find out sadly most of my favorite easter-eggs were removed.
After finishing up with the last chapter that had a pretty interesting addition of narration to it, I wanted to see Doctor Romero ride a zombie to the “Look at my horse” song.

However that secret was replaced by another bit of secrecy which caught my attention.

Instead of the map containing the parody cutscene, I have only found a BSP file labeled with a datestamp, upon opening the map I’ve heard a flickering noise and the map shut down, this is when I said to myself “Challenge Accepted” and began cracking open at the egg.

At first I have disabled the Disconnect command using the Alias feature, I was left with nothing but an empty box…
Then I decided to look into the BSP file’s raw code to see if there is not a voided text message somewhere… There was none.
Gritting my teeth I took up to the next level and began decompiling the map only to find out all I was given to work with was an empty box.
A few good minutes later after scratching my head, I found out that I can use the console to initiate wireframe and noclip commands by disabling not_dave in the raw BSP.

I loaded the map up, flew out of the box with wireframes and my breath slowed down, I caught a glimpse of the full map and my eyes became filled with joy as I was proud of my achievements, of defeating the master of the game in his own game.

After such a long ammount of time, I was able to play a portion of the game not intended for the eyes of the public, and the contents of the map (not mentioning them here) have really stunned me.


This is when I became really dissapointed.
I wanted to leak out a bit of a tease with a picture of the map and an overlapping text saying “Dave says hello.” (Refference to the map itself)

What I found was a wall of comments not only about how to access the map without such a long process by simply knocking over a few props, but a whole thread about it already being discovered.


Read before you speak.