Nightclub Condo

Since the theater condo exists, I think having a nightclub condo would be a great idea. It would be nice if you have friends and want to have a nightclub party privately. I don’t know how much it should cost but it should definitely be more expensive than the theater condo.

I like this idea. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was talking about that at the discord server. A lot of the Nightclub elements are not available in stores to make your own from scratch, so having a Nightclub-ready Condo would be neat.

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I LOVE this idea, Makes sense for it to be a thing.

Yeah, I’m all for this. I love the Theater Condo for the same reason.

They could also add this to the Theatre Condo to create an “Entertainment Plaza” condo that gets updated with various activities over time.

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Yeah, I’d be down for that. That would actually probably be way better I think.

you can go to uploads on condos and get a nightclub there it will cost nothing

You can’t build in workshop condos yet

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