New Zombies that could be more of a challenge

adding These new Zombies to the game could lead to better improvements here’s a list for them

Suicider zombie

Think a Suicider zombie that is a bomb that could either
1.self-destruct near you or
2.Explode when its dead and could leave a wide range explosion.

Rammer zombie

A zombie that could instaly Dash fast as the speed of light then any other zombies or a fire zombie
This Rammer zombie has the Ability to:

  1. Dash past them leaving a lot of DAMAGE
  2. it can’t chase some but walk for charging the right moment
  3. This zombie is like a Football player aiming for its goal YOU if your near him or at least have high health

Big Man zombie

This enemy zombie is HUUGGE i mean as hit-box but its slow
This Big Man Zombie has the ability to:

  1. Throw a Boulder at you leaving Damage
  2. has a lot of health but not a Boss like health, but almost a mid-boss health
  3. he will smash anyone in his range so be careful
  4. its giant wise so the bigger they get the harder they fall.

[Update 6-15-18]

Venom zombie

A lethal and poisonous zombie more infectious and toxic then the rest
it will:

  1. Takes half of your damage like a big attack
  2. can spit at you if your far away leading toxic effects for a few seconds
  3. if your hit you will be poisoned by bit’s until it wears off
    4.if you kill it, it will explode and spread its acid blood everywhere giving you a toxic effects