New Ways of Obtaining Experience Points in the Plaza, Casino, and Theater

I looked around the forums to see if anyone made a suggestion like this yet, and as far as I can tell nobody has, so I will. If there is a suggestion like this already, I apologize in advance, and I ask to see the post so I can vote for it!

As of now, the only ways of obtaining experience points in the plaza, the casino, and the theater is to just be there (without going afk). I suggest that there should be new ways of obtaining experience points in those areas.

For the plaza, I suggest that while just being there still should slowly build up EXP it should not be the main way of obtaining it. One should earn exp for participating in events such as the buried treasure event, walking around to different places, shopping, and the like.

For the casino, I suggest that one should earn exp for winning money on the machines (a lot for jackpots, depending on the machine) and participating in and winning poker games (and whatever new multiplayer things may be in the casino in the future)

For the theater, I suggest that exp should be gained by adding videos to the queue, and getting thumbs up on the videos you add to the queue. I believe this would make players strive to do more in the theater than just spam space bar in there while doing something else so they don’t go afk.

As for the amounts of experience points gained by the player for doing these actions, I think that the exp gained for just being in these places now should remain as is, while these ‘new’ methods of gaining exp should be lower than that (maybe 200-800 points depending on the action, that way it wouldn’t be too easy to spam for quick and easy experience points).

That’s my suggestion. If you disagree with it or have another idea, I’d love to hear it!
Thanks for reading! :smiley:

your a freaking genius

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While I can’t see all of this happening, I totally agree on the experience gained by getting thumbs on your videos. Has my vote.

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I agree with all of this.

(Side note: I’ve thought to myself in the past that the Casino should award experience based on payouts, but I didn’t have the balls to suggest it myself.)